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The v 8.0 logo, is a visual remix of all logos and/or associated logo art spanning from 1989-now. (remixed/designed by The BS of D)

A Bit of History... was first developed in 2005 by The BS of D shortly after Trent Reznor released the source material for his hit single The Hand That Feeds. Originally taking the form of an unofficial remix contest started by The NIN Hotline, and a organised by a large group of dedicated fans on ETS, the contest spawned the submission of over 500 remixes of The Hand That Feeds. After a huge response, and multiple server crashes due to bandwidth issues, was donated to the staff of volunteers by a fellow fan, and has continued to thrive with over 5,000 Remixes/Covers/and Fan Inspired Songs today. After a few shaky versions of the site, then teamed up with Eric Newport to create the first historical version of that served as a general purpose remix database, accommodating submissions of remixes of another of Trent's hit singles continues to evolve thanks to the volunteers and donors that have helped keep it free from advertising, and spam free for all these years.

The site was actively developed by The B.S. of D. and Eric from 2005-2013 and had grown into not only the largest collection of remixes of Nine Inch Nails music on the internet, but also one of the largest collections of free mp3 downloads on the internet. The success of open sourcing The Hand That Feeds and Only to the people has led NIN to open source a great deal more music since then and now has blossomed into a community of thousands of individual remixers.

In 2014, after the passing of Aaron House(the sites lead moderator from 2005-2014), The B.S. of D. decided to overhaul the site, and released v 8.0.

To give you an idea on the scope of our site, just take a look at some recent statistics:

Total mp3s on site: 5,286
Total mp3 downloads: 1,926,968
Total votes: 76,129

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The original creator of, The BS of D had the vision which led now thousands of NIN fans to bring their creative talents to the forefront and publish their remixes online. Currently he is the head administrator, lead coder, lead artist, and lead designer of and has a hand in the development of every site section.
Nympholept moderator and contributor of miscellaneous PHP code.
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Eric Newport (AKA Kethinov)

Among the first and most influential developers working on, Eric is responsible for the vast majority of the PHP scripts on the site as well as the entire current organizational system applied to the music. When Eric joined the project, he said his goal was "to bring order to the chaos that was remixes of Nine Inch Nails music." From 2005-2013 Eric worked as an administrator and a PHP developer on
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Aaron House (AKA Evil Ethics)

Aaron was lead moderator and had been actively involved with since 2005, collecting remixes sent to us through the old-style E-mail system and manually uploading them to the database. Prior to the automated upload system, every remix went through Aaron before making it to the site, and a great majority of them still did until his passing in 2014.
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TrentRoxMe (AKA Rox)

The Official Secretary and site moderator. Rox was one of the most active moderators, also responsible for keeping important notes and information pertaining to the site during staff meetings, and never failed to boost the morale of fellow volunteers.
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Jonathon N. (AKA Star)

Jonathon had been a moderator for the past couple years. Mainly working in the shadows, he originally earned the name "shadow operative" when he first began working on the site because of it never being known when he was working, but stuff would always get done. One thing is for sure, from beta testing to moderating, he may be in the shadows, but he always made sure to help ensure things got done.
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Berlamont was the first PHP developer on who worked on the site during its earliest days, prior to Eric Newport.
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Dan was among the first moderators on, now retired.

Former moderator.